The Key To Prevention

Your Spine Affects More Than You Think

Achieving and maintaining health and wellness is the key to disease prevention, and chiropractic care has been recognized as a crucial part of any wellness routine. No matter how you define health, today’s healthcare setting is evolving into a holistic practice. For instance, How are your feet? Did you know that every step we take can either help or harm us? However, when it comes to health, feet often aren’t considered until there’s an issue. Studies state that 80% of people have foot problems and according to many chiropractors, the fact that 80% of people also experience lower back pain at some point in their lives isn’t just a coincidence. Watch the videos below for more... 

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Neck and Back Pain - Foot Solutions Part One

Neck pain, middle & low back pain, arm, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle pain are caused by or at least aggravated by structural stress. Most structural stress is caused by or made much worse by a loss of the structural integrity of the feet.  

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Neck and Back Pain - Foot Solutions Part Two

Heel Strike – Study after study has shown repeated impact between the foot and the ground can cause a wide range of injury. from stress fractures to cartilage breakdown, from shin splints to low back pain.

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Neck and Back Pain - Relief Exercise

In this video, Dr. Mays goes over two exercises for pain relief with those with desk jobs or sitting for long periods of time. These exercises are quick neck and back pain relief that can be done twice a day for stability.

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