Dr. Mays working with patientDr. Mays utilizes several tried and true, as well as many new and innovative chiropractic techniques.

He offers outstanding solutions for restoring, building and maintaining optimal structural and nervous system health. He specializes in specific neurological chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic treatments which create an overall holistic health program. His overarching goal is to help his patients’ whole body and mind feel well, healthy and energized.

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Techniques & Treatments

Thompson Terminal Point TechniquePalmer Specific and
Diversified Adjusting by Hand
Thompson Terminal Point TechniquePettibon Bio-Mechanical Instrument Adjusting
Thompson Terminal Point TechniqueNeurokinetic Integrative Technique
Thompson Terminal Point TechniqueRelaxation and Myofascial Pain Syndromes Release
Thompson Terminal Point TechniqueThompson Terminal Point Technique

Thompson Terminal Point TechniqueFlexion-Distraction table for Neck and Low Back Disc Problems
Thompson Terminal Point TechniqueActivator and Arthrostim Gentle Instrument Adjusting

Thompson Terminal Point TechniqueVibracussor/Ultrasound for Inflammation & Myofascial Pain
Thompson Terminal Point TechniqueFoot Levelers Custom Orthotic Fitting and Taping
Thompson Terminal Point TechniqueThera-band Exercises and
Core Balancing
Thompson Terminal Point TechniqueExtremity Adjusting

Thompson Terminal Point TechniqueHeavy Metal Detox Programs

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